January 17, 2018

New Blogger Version Allowing Custom Domains

Posted by: of One By One Media on 01/8/07

We have told many of our clients that ask us about the Blogger platform that we would rather they did not use Blogger as the application for their company blog.  The reason was simple, it was a matter of branding.  We felt and still feel that blogging can help strengthen a company’s brand.  The problem with using the Blogger application was not that it was a free service or that it is not as easy to use, it was because the domain that was required had to have "blogspot" in its address.  This required companies to share their URL with another brand. 

The people at Blogger have upgraded their service to include the ability to now use a custom domain.

If you already own a domain named, say, mysite.com and want your blog to be served at that address instead of at a blogspot.com address, we can host your blog on that domain for you — for free. Your old Blog*Spot address will forward to your new custom domain, so the switch will be seamless for your readers.

This is a good move by Blogger and will open up new and possible future customers that will be using their service.

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  1. […] I recently wrote a quick post at Business Blog Consulting about Google allowing users to now use private domains and use the Blogger service.  It’s a great move by Google and I applaud their decision.  As part of my reasons for praise I indicated: […]

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