October 10, 2015

How to Restart a Blog When You’ve Been on Hiatus for Three Years

Posted by: of Stephan on 05/14/13
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I left my blog dormant for a few years, but I’m finally back in the saddle! I drafted up a post entitled “How to Restart a Blog When You’ve Been on Hiatus for Three Years” because it seemed fitting. Here are my main points to get you started:

1. Jump in and write something. No apologies. Or a lengthy explanation or justification for being off the grid.

2. Get some tools or processes in place that will make it as painless as possible to post. Like Dragon – which incidentally is available as an iPhone/iPad app.

3. Hire a virtual assistant if that will help you. (More on using VA’s in a future post).

4. Roll out a site redesign at the same time to let everybody know you’re reengaged and committed.

5. Don’t try to get all your readers all caught up on your life all in one post. You’ve got plenty of fodder for many blog posts – so save it for later.

6. Finally, silence the perfectionist in you. I have this bad habit of pouring over my blog posts – my articles even more so – trying to make them perfect. I put a dozen hours or more into articles on search engine land. That’s crazy. That’s not good use of your time. Much better to freeze all those great ideas and insights stuck in your head – share them with the world. It’s okay if the sentence structure isn’t always on the mark. It’s a blog post for Pete’s sake.

Fortune 500 Blog Wiki

Posted by: of ExecutiveSummary.com on 12/31/05

Earlier this year, I put out a call on this site as to how many of the Fortune 500 companies were blogging. I guessed "somewhere in the 3-6% range currently." Yesterday I got an email from Wired Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Chris Anderson, saying that he had wondered the same thing over dinner with Doc Searls. More specifically, they wondered whether companies that were thriving did not blog because they had less to gain from such openness while companies fighting to grow or regain market share were more inclined to blog, and whether this was a trend that could be correlated to companies’ business performance. So, Anderson set some Wired interns to the task and came up with this post describing what they found. Further, together with Ross Mayfield at Socialtext, they created the Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki to keep track of the trend. (I’m gratified to note that my original estimate seems to be holding true: the collaborative effort has identified public blogs at 4% of the Fortune 500 firms.)

Fear not the Dark Blog …

Posted by: of A View from the Isle on 10/17/05
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Debbie Weil
No, Dark Blogs aren’t evil, Dark Blogs are blogs within a companies firewall.  They aren’t for public consumption, they are for internal KM, internal news, maybe even internal fun (gawd, not that!  not at work!) Debbie has a great post about McDonald’s embracing blogs internally in a big way (yes, that is Debbie and Scoble on the right).
I hope we get more success stories like this.  COOs with their own podcasts and weekly posts.   Maybe IT using blogs (hey and wikis, why not) to track projects and keep upper management informed.  Hey why not a joke or cartoon of the day?  Yeah, okay HR and Legal might get a little twitchy, but there are ways to handle that.
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Writeboard, a Wiki for the Rest of Us

Posted by: of Blogging Systems Group on 10/11/05

I’ve been head over heels about wikis for a while now. But, for most of us, they’ve been less than useful partially because they’re still too "geeky." At least, they have been for me. Well, those days are over. 37Signals, the company that brought you Basecamp, has rolled out Writeboard, a truly easy-to-use wiki.

I won’t go into detail here, but I do invite you to read my glowing review of the app on my blog. Trust me, you’ll like Writeboard. Like the rest of 37Signal’s products it’s an easy-to-use software application that really works. 

Global PR Blog Week

Posted by: of ExecutiveSummary.com on 07/6/04

B.L. Ochman writes about this new project:

It’s 28 people who blog about PR all getting together next week to blog about making blogs part of the marketing mix. Being PR people, they’ve turned it into a big academic thing for the most part. I am sticking to practical stuff, examples only, no theory, as is my wont.

The New PR Wiki is an accompanying wiki.



Posted by: of ExecutiveSummary.com on 06/18/04
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Todd S. has taken another approach to a directory on business blogs (which, in some sense, my site already is): he has created an alphabetized wiki. (“What’s a wiki?” you ask? It’s basically a blog that any reader can edit or contribute to. Here’s another definition, or just check out Todd’s site and you’ll get the idea.)

Definitely a different animal than my site, as all entries here have my subjective spin, plus categorization, while the BizBlogDirectory features descriptions by the site managers. My guess is it will get big fast. Something certainly to keep an eye on, and also a good place to register your blog, if you haven’t done so already.





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