February 23, 2018

Optimizing your Blog for the Search Engines

My two-part article for Marketing Profs titled Ten Tips to Help Your Blog Soar in the Search Engines, was published a couple weeks ago. If you are a premium subscriber, you may have already read it; if not, here’s a brief overview of the secrets to SEO success contained within…

  1. Customize your title tags with keywords
  2. Rewrite your URLs for link gain
  3. Tag clouds and tag pages are your twin secret weapons
  4. Link to related posts
  5. Create a Top 10 Posts list, regardless of posting age, and offer links to these
  6. Lose “permalink” and “click here” from your linking vocabulary and instead link with keyword-rich anchor text
  7. Create sticky posts to gain keyword prominence on category or tag pages
  8. Use heading tags to reinforce your keyword theme
  9. Guide the search engines to your key points with bold, strong or emphasis tags within the body of the post
  10. Multiple author blogs need author pages and the links to their sites need to be cleverly done to maximize SEO benefit to them

The complete article is around 3000 words and goes into much more detail, including suggested WordPress plugins and specific PHP code to insert into your blog. Sign up to MarketingProfs to read the full article, or access most of the information on my blog optimization tag page.

1 comment for Optimizing your Blog for the Search Engines

  1. Regarding title tags and post slugs, what’s the difference in terms of search engine optimization? Is there more value in one than in another, in terms of ranking benefit? I was spending a lot of time focusing on post slugs. Now I read you’re emphasizing title tags. Can you explain?

    Thank you.

    Comment by Jane — November 10, 2009 @ 6:15 pm

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