February 23, 2018

Google Page Creator

Posted by: of Online Marketing Blog on 02/25/06

Recently there’s been some buzz about Google’s most recent service offering: Google Page Creator. Here’s the lowdown:

Google Page Creator is an easy to use WYSIWYG web page editor. It offers 100 mb of space and requires a Google account. An example url: googleaccountname.googlepages.com/home. Unfortunately, this URL syntax makes it easy to extract Gmail account names since the subdomain in the Google Page Creator sites are Gmail accounts. More on that at Google Blogscoped.

Google Page Creator is focused on making it easy to create static web pages, similar in concept to Geocities and Tripod.

As with Google Analytics, Google Pages launched and is now not taking on any more accounts due to an overwhelming response. Although, a press release on Google’s site says:

“We decided in advance to limit the number of page sign-ups in order to provide users with an optimal publishing experience. Due to extraordinary demand, we recently reached that limit so we have temporarily paused additional sign-ups. We expect to offer sign-ups again very soon.”

Here’s what others have to say about Google Page Creator:

  • WebmasterWorld discusses the ease of use as well as accessibility issues similar to Gmail.
  • David Utter at WebProNews points out how Google Page Creator takes the wind out of Microsoft Office Live Beta and the interesting message you get if you use another browser besides MSIE or Firefox.
  • Loren Baker of Search Engine Journal comments on how Google Page Creator fits in with Google’s plan to acquire and host user content.
  • Chris Sherman at Search Engine Watch offers comments from Google Page Creator Product Manager, Justin Rosenstein who says the service was the result of frustration he experienced when friends or family members wanted to create web sites but were stymied by technical challenges. The new Google offering is another in a long line of 20% projects developed by Google engineers.
  • Nik Cubrilovic at TechCrunch adds his commmentary and compares to other web page creation and CMS systems.
  • Matt Cutts, from Google, offers a great array of screen shots.

Hopefully Google is not starting a trend in underestimating demand and therefore resources/infrastructure for new products and services.

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  1. “not taking on any more accounts due to an overwhelming response.”

    I started a site for my wife last night on her Google account so maybe the shutters are back up again.

    Comment by Neil MacLean — February 26, 2006 @ 5:25 am

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