February 23, 2018

Google China reflects a new, healthy pragmatism at Google HQ

One of the hot topics of debate in the media this week has been whether Google should have launched its new Google China service, a search engine built atop servers located within mainland China that have content filters based on the laws and requirements of the Chinese government. While many people have criticized Google’s decision, along with other firms that also opt to meet legal requirements for doing business in the Chinese market, I actually believe that this decision marks a turning point in the growth and maturity of Google as a corporation. It’s the beginning of Google the pragmatic corporation, and it’s a trait that suggests that the company is recognizing the difference between idealism and success:

    Google gets pragmatic and enters China

There are lots of interesting parallels that I draw in this article too, including companies that opted to do business in South Africa and helped destroy apartheid, and even eBay’s meeting the requirements of the German government in terms of Nazi memorabilia sales.

1 comment for Google China reflects a new, healthy pragmatism at Google HQ

  1. Google is a corporation that made a wise business decision when agreeing to the demands of the Chinese communist dictators. Goggle will have the last laugh since the internet will contribute to the inevitable downfall of the Chinese communist dictators.

    By the way, these communist bastards are still messing with Google. Earlier this month they blocked acccess before the anniversary of the blood bath on Tiananmen Square.

    Comment by PGS — June 27, 2006 @ 11:58 pm

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