August 23, 2014

Blogging – Dilbert Style

Posted by: of Made for Marketing on 11/25/05

It appears that the world was just waiting for Scott Adams to start a dilbert-esque blog. Well, in fact, he did just that with the Dilbert Blog.  The number of comments that he’s attracted for each post in just two short months of blogging is just mad – a recent post on "why [Scott Adams] is stupid" has almost 200 comments alone, and it was posted on the 22nd of November.

A few days ago I invited the readers of my blog to tell me why I’m stupid. The results are in.  If you are new to the Internet, allow me to explain how to debate in this
medium. When one person makes any kind of statement, all you need to do
is apply one of these methods to make it sound stupid. Then go on the

Who says that no one reads blogs?  It looks like those folks that are reading blogs are the same ones  who’ve long since left the fairytale world where corporations are good and ethical and our bosses are right and reasonable.  (mine is, don’t know much about yours…)  I guess that puts the blog numbers
‘way up there’ considering that just about every disengaged worker in America is at least a passive Dilbert fan (there, take that generality and turn it into and absolute).

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  1. Dilbert Blogs!

    Scott Adams is blogging, per Business Blog Consulting. I’m assuming the Dilbert blog is designed to get more material from his nation of fans that identify with life on a cube farm. He IS encouraging comments, within a few simple guidelines. With so ma…

    Trackback by Strategic Public Relations — November 25, 2005 @ 9:19 pm

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