August 28, 2014

Attack of the Zombies

Posted by: of One By One Media on 11/10/05
We have been reporting about the use of fake blogs or spam blogs (Splogs/Zombies) since Mark Cuban went on the attack creating the Splog Reporter.  Nobody is immune from this practice not even us blog consultants.
A blogger in my blogging pool at Bloggers For Hire recently found that his personal blog at The Parental Olympian (yes, he was a gold medalist in the Athens Summer Games for swimming), was being copied and used as a splog or a zombie blog.  He posts about it on Bloggers For Hire.
This is something that is being done more and more by those wearing black hats in the SEO (search engine optimization) market.  The content is being generated for them and they are benefiting by stealing the words and using that content for their own gain.  This must be stopped if bloggers are going to be taken serious in the business arena.  If you think that your content has been stolen and used for evil, please report the site.  You can check using Copyscape.

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  1. You might want to read this post on Somewhat Frank titled:
    Splog Reporter Highlighted On Wired News
    It might clear up some confusion about the origin and creation of Splog Reporter.

    Comment by Somewhat Frank — November 11, 2005 @ 4:22 pm

  2. Robert Jonson Blog

    about me…

    Trackback by Blog Directory — December 16, 2005 @ 2:02 am

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