August 23, 2014

Listen up SixApart: some of your TypePad customers may switch

Posted by: of BlogWrite for CEOs on 10/26/05

Update: SixApart’s Anil Dash responds.

As I wrote here and here a few weeks ago, I’m one of thousands running a business blog on TypePad. The service has been excruciatingly slow of late. (Just now I thought I’d tear my hair out while waiting for this post to Save.) Sometimes it’s down altogether.

Don’t get me wrong. This is not a “trash 6A” blog entry. It’s a please please please listen to your customers before it’s too late message. The buzz is building. There’s talk of moving some high-profile blogs (including this one) to WordPress or another platform.

My advice? Post fast. Post fresh. Be transparent. The blogosphere is gonna bite if you don’t. And get something up on your Status Blog (which, BTW, doesn’t have an archive so it’s conspicuously not quite a blog) or on Mena’s Corner that acknowledges the problem.

C’mon guys. We love you! Don’t disappoint.

3 comments for Listen up SixApart: some of your TypePad customers may switch »

  1. [...] Algunos usuarios se están quejando acerca de Typepad. La razón: anda cada dí­a más lento. ¿Tardarán mucho los rebuilds? [...]

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  2. If any business wants to survive nowadays, they definitely need to listen to the customer…and they need to listen fast.
    There’s so much competition just waiting to take away customers!

    ~Maria Palma
    Online Business Resources

    Comment by Maria Palma — January 25, 2006 @ 10:41 pm

  3. SixApart should know that business blogging is a growing industry these days—thus the proliferation of webhosts, free and otherwise. Many companies and even individual entrepreneurs rely partly on business blogs for their decision-making processes.

    Customer Relations: The New Competitive Edge
    Six Sigma

    Comment by Meikah Delid — March 28, 2006 @ 12:53 am

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