August 27, 2014

Splog Hunting

Posted by: of One By One Media on 09/10/05
They recent buzz in the blogosphere is the appearance and eradication of Splogs or Zombie blog sites.  Mark Cuban at IceRocket has made the reporting and killing of splogs his crusade with the launch of  Making it easier for Firefox users to join the fight against splogs, there has been a recent extension added that allows reporting splogs a one click process.
Frank Gruber, creator of SplogReporter states that 60% of the Splog Reporter visitors use the Firefox browser, and  Jeff Johns, who developed the extension states:
 “Empowering splog reporters to clean up the blogosphere is our top priority.�
Once the blogosphere starts policing itself, the issue of splogs hopefully will become a thing of the past.  Of course marketing people and the Black Hat SEO firms will probably always be one step ahead of the people hunting them.  Happy splog hunting.

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  1. Take a bite out of splogs …

    As I’ve been lamenting trackback spam, comment spam, and splogs, Mark Cuban

    Trackback by Qumana Blog — September 11, 2005 @ 8:29 pm

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