February 23, 2018

This is more than just a blog re-birth …

Posted by: of A View from the Isle on 08/2/05
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It hit me.  Hit me like the proverbial ton of bricks, maybe harder.  I was writing about Scoble taking a break for the week and Jeremy un-subbing from the “A-list” for the Qumana blog— Qumana Blog the new blog paradigm—talking about the new paradigm of blogging and, by extension, business blogging.  I started thinking about this site’s re-birth and it hit me, this is the new paradigm.  What do we have here?  We have a group of contribution authors, writing on their own, on a specific topic.  We’ve all been invited to do this.  We all have made names for ourselves.  We’re all contributing to a larger whole, making this blog into a “must-read” blog—together.
Sure this isn’t all of the new paradigm, but this is a huge new thing.  An instant magazine.  Minimal start up costs.  Instant, world-wide distribution.
The Blogosphere at it’s best.  And I’m so damn proud to be here.  Rick and Paul, thank you.
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