January 19, 2018

Rude Bloggers? Invite Them In Like the Politicians Do

Posted by: of Made for Marketing on 08/1/05

It seems that the higher your profile in the blogosphere, the more prone you are to attracting nasty, raw and outright rude comments, as evidenced by Robert Scoble’s recent back-and-forth with ‘Arnold’.  The profile of this has received a number of links, but angry, rude
communication is not the way to win your case (doubly so in the blogosphere). In fact, for the most
part, people will turn away and won’t even hear what you’re saying. Not something you’re shooting for on your first foray as a corporate blogger.

I think that there’s a lesson here that political candidates have already learned about bloggers and their ability to launch nasty screeds from the launchpads of their keyboards. What they’ve found in some recent face-to-face interactions with bloggers is that they’re not so mean once they come out from behind the keyboard.  In fact, they can be downright docile, and even helpful, once you’ve got them in a room together.  A once raging blogger can become an advocate and a cheeky writer can become an inquisitive, thoughtful interpreter of your message.

As ever more companies launch their own blogs into the market, the determined digital detractors and on-screen vigilantes will grow in proportion to your popularity, as evidenced by the history of high-profile blogs.  If a customer complaint is a mere gift, as purported by some, then a raging blogger vigilante could be a virtual endowment of opportunity to engage ‘the other side’ and see what your company has been missing.

2 comments for Rude Bloggers? Invite Them In Like the Politicians Do

  1. As my blog grows I have noticed a lot more comments. Fortunately for me, they are mostly from long-time readers and not rude people. However, there have been a few. My policy is that if they are just rude comments, I leave them up. If they are rude and crude, I take them down. I don’t think my good readers should have to put up with crude behavior.

    Comment by JLP at AllThingsFinancial — August 2, 2005 @ 1:34 pm

  2. …and sometimes it doesn’t matter if you’re an xyz list blogger; if you push the envelope and try something different better be perpared to put on your Kevlar vest too!

    Comment by Toby — August 4, 2005 @ 8:24 pm

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