September 1, 2014

Can Technorati Compete?

First off, can I just say how stoked I am to be included in this list of blogorati? This must be how Lupus felt taking the field in The Bad News Bears.

And yes, I just said "stoked" with no intended irony.

As a supplement to a blurb in its UpFront section, BusinessWeek interviews Technorati’s David Sifry online. The print version (check your local news racks) describes him as a "serial entrepreneur"; is that a good thing or a bad thing?

In reading the beginning of the interview, it’s hard to know if Sifry is trying to kid the readers or himself. However, he finishes strong talking about the purpose and possible future of Technorati.

As has been noted elsewhere, some people are already reporting the
death of Technorati due to the upcoming competition from Google, MSN
and Yahoo into the blog search arena. Of this competition, Sifry says,

it really competition?….You go to Google and type in wine, and it
will tell you the best places to buy wine. But if you really want to
find out what the world’s leading wine experts are talking about,
Google isn’t really built to do that.

Ummm…being a
bourbon drinker I’m not overly concerned about what wine experts are
saying, but I’m guessing that after a couple of Google searches I could
uncover it.

Even if what Sifry [thanks, Peter!] says is true to a degree, I find it hard to believe that Google couldn’t figure this out in about a week if they put their collective mindpower to it. Plus, they have server resources that few companies on earth could compete with. (Those companies include MSN and Yahoo.)

Near the end of the interview, Sifry talks to the mission [statement] of Technorati:

Hey we’re a Web site, [but] we also have to be providing some real value to people, because that’s what being of service is really about. And that doesn’t mean controlling or owning, because when you’re of service, you’re supporting. If you’re providing people with something that they like and that they value, with that value comes money.

B.S.? Maybe, but I bought it.

Sifry finishes up with a couple of ideas that might keep him ahead of the more established "traditional" search engines, at least for a little while. He obviously "gets it"; let’s hope this serial entrepreneur cools his heels for a little while and figures out how to continually improve an already cool service.

[Hmmm...I must be nervous. I always blog a lot when I'm nervous.]

2 comments for Can Technorati Compete? »

  1. It’s “Sifry”. And I think they have a few tricks up their sleeve. One thing they have over google: an incentive to innovate. Google will do it half ass, realize that it isn’t going to be the next bigges “vertical search, be disappointed by the adwords revenue and not innovate any further.

    Dave and the rest of the blog search, discover and aggregation services are still trying to find a business model. They’ll be coming out with some very unique technologies until they hit on it.

    Comment by peter caputa — August 2, 2005 @ 6:43 pm

  2. Can Technorati Have a Competitive Edge Over Google?

    I read Rick E. Bruner\’s Business Blog Consulting: Can Technorati Compete? and I felt that in the interview a clear competitive edge over Google (representing the most innovative traditional search engine) wasn’t really mentioned.Whether Technorat…

    Trackback by Strategic Board Blog — August 3, 2005 @ 3:35 am

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