September 2, 2014

Nokia Lifeblog

Posted by: of on 03/15/05

Lame that I didn’t notice this before. Very cool. Nokia and Six Apart’s Movable Type have collaborated to present a great "moblog" tool.

From the web site:

You love taking pictures, not to mention getting and sending text and picture messages – but what to do when your phone’s full of great memories? Save them in your Nokia Lifeblog!

Nokia Lifeblog is a PC and mobile phone software combination that effortlessly keeps a multimedia diary of the items you collect with your mobile phone. Lifeblog automatically organizes your photos, videos, text messages, and multimedia messages into a clear chronology you can easily browse, search, edit, and save. Nokia Lifeblog does the work of organizing the items you create and receive, and you can also add notes throughout the day, or tag and update your favorites so they’re always on your phone.

Details on this BBC story and an earlier press release.

622 Nokia Lifeblog

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  1. thanks for a great blog, I read it every day and enjoy it. :-)

    Comment by Robert B. Ritch — March 19, 2005 @ 8:11 am

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