February 23, 2018

NYT Advertising About Blogs Via Google

Posted by: of ExecutiveSummary.com on 06/16/04

Interesting. The NY Times is conspicuous in its reluctance to start a blog of its own, unlike many other traditional media companies that already have blogs, but the paper can’t seem to get enough of writing about blogs. As if to underline that point, it has recently started advertsing via Google AdWords/AdSense on the topic of blogs. I recently saw the ad pictured here on Duct Tape Marketing’s blog. The ad links to this NYT story about Nike’s new blog.

Huh? Here’s an idea: if you want bloggers to think your publication is cool and relevant, start a frickin’ blog instead of advertising about the stories you write about blogs!

1 comment for NYT Advertising About Blogs Via Google

  1. Great article, I agree 100%!

    Good work!

    Comment by Robert Velarde — October 19, 2004 @ 11:27 pm

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