January 19, 2018

InfoWorld: Blogging Behind the Firewall

Posted by: of ExecutiveSummary.com on 06/9/04

I hadn’t really intended to track the whole trend of using blogs for intranets / knowledge management here in this directory, as my specialty is more customer-facing marketing, but what the heck. It’s obviously a great use of blogs, which a lot of companies are pursuing.

Along those lines, this piece provides a great case study as to how InfoWorld themselves are using blogs internally. Picking up halfway through the article, Chad Dickerson, CTO of InfoWorld, writes:

[M]y team has been using the blog-driven IT roadmap in weekly staff meetings as a platform to discuss the initiatives we have completed and to look ahead to new ones. Our meetings no longer have agendas or redundant handouts, because we don’t need them. Of course, some items have dropped off our master plan altogether, and new ones have been added, but the important point is that our master plan is always updated and readily available on our intranet, and any changes are distributed via RSS to anyone who wants to see them.

InfoWorld: Blogging Behind the Firewall

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  1. This is so innovative…I think using blogs effectively can generate information much before it can actually be implemented. Blogs help prepare4such a point in time in the future when you don’t get stuck just because you didn’t realize it was coming…

    Good use of blogs can turn a mustard seed of an idea into a sprawling tree. It can prove to be a vital ingredient in the recipie of success. I hope we continue in these lines and think harder as to how we can unleash its true potential completely!

    Armand Rousso

    Comment by Armand Rousso — June 2, 2005 @ 4:40 am

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