February 23, 2018

Administrative Update for This Site

Posted by: of ExecutiveSummary.com on 05/11/04

Hello there. So, I’ve blogged so far 184 posts to this site, which doesn’t seem shabby for less than two months’ work. Originally, I thought I would quickly enter about 100 examples of business blogs into this directory and then it would be a simple matter of keeping up with the handful of new ones that subsequently came to my attention, while I also turned to more strategic advice on the subject. As it is, I realize that close to 200 examples of business blogs, I’ve barely begun to scratch the surface of what is out there.

I hope it is proving useful and informative just to see so many examples. I do want to get to more prescriptive advice at some point, as well as more research (such that it is) and resources related to blogs and specifically business blogs, but to start with, there are simply so many business blogs just to show examples of, I will be busy for some time. If you’re one of the many bloggers who has sent me an email suggesting more business blogs to take note of, rest assured I’ve made a note. I have a long backlog of material I’m trying to catch up with, while I continue to work for a living at the same time.

I’m eager for feedback about this project. What is working for you, and what would you like to see more of, or instead of what I’ve been writing to date? How can I improve what I’m doing here?

Anyway, I’m using this opportunity to let you know that I’m about to begin several weeks of travel as of Thursday, visiting locations including the British Virgin Islands (my 10-year wedding anniversary!), San Francisco (for AdTech), China (because I’ve never been to Asia and why the heck not?) and Maryland (for a reunion of college friend). Thus, my blogging here will be quite light until mid-June. Please don’t forget about me, and do check back in a few weeks as I dive back into this project with vigor.

2 comments for Administrative Update for This Site

  1. Hey Rick,

    Happy anniversary, and safe travels! We’ll all keep checking in on you and hope you post a postcard once in awhile!

    Comment by Michele Miller — May 13, 2004 @ 5:54 pm

  2. Happy Anniversary on ten years! Have a safe and enjoyable trip. When you return, we look forward to seeing many new business blogs, added to your tremendous and growing list. While you’re away, send us a few posts about how the journey is going. Bon voyage!

    Comment by Wayne Hurlbert — May 20, 2004 @ 12:11 am

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