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Posted by: of on 04/18/04

A new blog (as of this posting) by British consultants Wayne Robinson and Tim Duckett. The About Us reads:

We run a marketing and technology consulting business that helps smaller companies in the UK. A lot of our work is now centring on using technology to reduce information problems. So this blog is designed to share our knowledge and first hand experience.

A criticism I have of this blog, other than its somewhat clunky layout (e.g., the page is too wide for my laptop screen and I hate blue link borders around images, but whatever [UPDATE: they've since fixed that, but the CSS is still acting a bit funky for me]), is that the above About Us statement claims “we run a marketing and technology consulting business,” but there’s no information about that company anywhere on the site that I can see. The consultants link to short profiles of themselves, and I gather that is the “business,” but it’s not even clear what the business is called (the URL is, but the blog seems to be titled “Cutting Through”), but I’m nitpicking. The content seems worthwhile (particularly since they already linked to my blog).


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  1. Rick – many thanks on 2 counts, firstly for helping to raise the profile of our new blog, and secondly for the valuable feedback – always appreciated!

    Comment by Wayne — April 19, 2004 @ 2:54 am

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