August 21, 2014

WordBiz: Blogging for Business

Posted by: of on 04/20/04
Audio CD Recording of Live Teleseminar

Debbie Weil’s WordBiz organized a teleseminar on the topic of Business Blogs a few months ago, in which I partook as one of the “experts.” She’s done a nice job packaging the audio of that seminar with a companion PDF report. Some of the points she promises you’ll learn from the report:

  • Why blogging is better (and easier) than updating a regular Web site

  • How blogging is different than sending an e-newsletter
  • The best technology for publishing – and subscribing – to blogs
  • How a blog fits into an overall marketing and communications strategy
  • Plus, the tools you need to start your own blog right now!

Price: $59.

WordBiz: Blogging for Business

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  1. This has opened up a whole new potential for business communications. Man, this is great. A few minutes examination and careful thinking and just about every business can benefit from having a blog. The possibilities are endless. I’m gettin with this blog thing. I hope to see better search functionality in the future, but hey, it’s pretty good in most blogs.

    Comment by Artful — June 3, 2004 @ 9:58 pm

  2. Any technology utilised for business purpose is always well-used! Go, inspire..

    Comment by Pranay — July 4, 2004 @ 10:16 pm

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