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How to Restart a Blog When You’ve Been on Hiatus for Three Years

Posted by: of Stephan on 05/14/13
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I left my blog dormant for a few years, but I’m finally back in the saddle! I drafted up a post entitled “How to Restart a Blog When You’ve Been on Hiatus for Three Years” because it seemed fitting. Here are my main points to get you started:

1. Jump in and write something. No apologies. Or a lengthy explanation or justification for being off the grid.

2. Get some tools or processes in place that will make it as painless as possible to post. Like Dragon – which incidentally is available as an iPhone/iPad app.

3. Hire a virtual assistant if that will help you. (More on using VA’s in a future post).

4. Roll out a site redesign at the same time to let everybody know you’re reengaged and committed.

5. Don’t try to get all your readers all caught up on your life all in one post. You’ve got plenty of fodder for many blog posts – so save it for later.

6. Finally, silence the perfectionist in you. I have this bad habit of pouring over my blog posts – my articles even more so – trying to make them perfect. I put a dozen hours or more into articles on search engine land. That’s crazy. That’s not good use of your time. Much better to freeze all those great ideas and insights stuck in your head – share them with the world. It’s okay if the sentence structure isn’t always on the mark. It’s a blog post for Pete’s sake.

Scobleizer: Corporate Weblog Manifesto

Posted by: of on 03/31/04
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20 solid pieces of advice about business blogging from Microsoft’s A-List in-house blogger, Robert Scoble. Here’s a taste of the top five:

  1. Tell the truth
  2. Post fast on good news or bad
  3. Use a human voice
  4. Make sure you support the latest software/web/human standards.
  5. Have a thick skin

Scobleizer: Corporate Weblog Manifesto


Posted by: of on 03/31/04
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Boston Globe technology reporter Hiawatha Bray has been maintaining a blog since June 2003.



Posted by: of on 03/31/04
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Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble, a Microsoft employee whose role is customer "evangelist," regularly posts a dozen or two entries a day, often into the wee hours, on subjects ranging from business travel, blog culture and general tech trends, but it’s mostly all Microsoft, all the time. No question, Scoble takes to the medium like a fish to water, speaking his mind and engendering large and loyal following. A poster child for how to do business blogging right, both as a thought leader and customer servant.

One post is a useful one for all our readers, The Corporate Weblog Manifesto.


London News Review

Posted by: of on 03/24/04
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Two new blogs from the London News Review, one on music and one on books.

CKER Radio Community Calendar

Posted by: of on 03/24/04

Edmonton radio station’s community calendar. This is a perfect example of a business blog — many radio stations could copy this model.


Alberta Entrepreneurs Association

Posted by: of on 03/24/04
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Another great example of a small organization using a weblog to keep the site dynamic and useful.


Posted by: of on 03/23/04
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Supporting the consulting business of Tim Slavin.


Posted by: of on 03/20/04
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Senator and 2004 presidential candidate John Kerry’s web site maintains a blog written by campaign staff.


MediaMap Blog

Posted by: of on 03/20/04
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MediaMap, which services PR companies with information about trends in the media industry, recently started a blog.


Hammock Publishing’s Rex Blog

Posted by: of on 03/20/04
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>From Hammock Publishing’s CEO Rex Hammock, whose company specializes in publishing client magazines. The blog focuses on the magazine industry, custom publishing and business communications.


Fast Company: It’s A Blog World After All

Posted by: of on 03/20/04
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Terrific article on the trend of business blogging, with comments on blog initiatives by the likes of Microsoft, Verizon, DaimlerChrysler, American Airlines, Hartford Financial Services, IBM, Dr. Pepper and Macromedia.

The story notes that “to meet corporate demand, both UserLand and Six Apart, makers of popular blog software programs, are coming out with enterprise-level products later this year.” It also contains this great insight:

Corporate America is jumping onto the blogwagon for many of the same reasons all those journalists, brooding teenagers, and presidential campaigners are already on board. Unlike email and instant messaging, blogs let employees post comments that can be seen by many and mined for information at a later date, and internal blogs aren’t overwhelmed by spam. And unlike most corporate intranets, they’re a bottoms-up approach to communication.

Fast Company: It’s A Blog World After All

Fast Company Blog

Posted by: of on 03/20/04
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The blog is called FC Now, from trendy business magazine Fast Company, written by a buddy, Heath Row. Insights on the world of high tech businesses.


August Capital’s Venture Blog

Posted by: of on 03/20/04
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Sporadic blog (posts seem to average once a week or so recently) from investors in August Capital.


PR Studies Blog

Posted by: of on 03/20/04
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While not exactly a business blog, as it’s produced by the UK’s Leeds Business School, close enough.


Kalsey Consulting Group

Posted by: of on 03/20/04
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Web development and strategy company written by Adam Kalsey, moderator of MarketingWonk’s I-Blog email discussion list.


What’s Next Blog

Posted by: of on 03/19/04
B.L. Ochman

B.L. Ochman, PR consultant and moderator of MarketingWonk’s I-PR discussion list, has taken to blogging like a fish to water. A mix of PR advice, blogosphere observations, miscellaneous humorous stuff and uncontrolled liberal political rantings. (Just kidding; we love you, B.L.)


Seth Godin

Posted by: of on 03/19/04
Seth Godin’s forehead

Everyone’s favorite visionary marketing author, speaker and consultant, Seth Godin blogs, of course.


John Porcaro: mktg@msft

Posted by: of on 03/19/04
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John Porcaro

>From John Porcaro, with the big-ass title “Group Manager on Microsoft’s Home and Entertainment Division’s PR and Communications team.” A breezy combination of his thoughts on marketing and technology, as well as family and personal life. It’s not explicitly a Microsoft blog, but given his disclosure of his business title, it can’t help but to reflect on Microsoft to a degree. A nice blending of the professional and the personal.


Rolling Stone RSS Artist Syndication

Posted by: of on 03/19/04
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Not really a blog, but Rolling Stone has adopted RSS to let you subscribe to news about your favorite musicians. Cool enough to make the list.


BostonWorks Job Blog

Posted by: of on 03/19/04
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Of course, tons of media sites have blogs at this point, which I’m trying not to include many of on this list, as they’re not much different than a new kind of opinion column in most cases. I make an exception in linking to the Job Blog, as it’s so well focused on a business-related topic. Would be a great idea for an employment agency to duplicate (or better, to have thought of first).



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